Zeitgeist No 1 – What Would Merkel Do?

“What the hell is going on?”- several our friends asked us over the last weeks, when reading about Germany still not having a government, more than two months after its election. We got tired of explaining it all several times, so we came up with a podcast. And thus- Zeitgeist Berlin was born. Several dinners and drinks later we had a pretentious name, a scrappy wordpress and a first recording.

There you go. Some easy to understand updates on German politics, delivered to you in English by two friends who would talk about this sort of stuff anyway. And, if you happen to make it to Berlin, we throw in some restaurant reviews for free.

First episode covers the entire breakdown of coalition talks in Germany, some ideas on what will happen next, a food truck going rogue and vegetarian dining experiences. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Listen to Zeitgeist Berlin No 1 – What Would Merkel Do?

Welcome to Zeitgeist Berlin

As low key policy wonks, Niklas and I often get asked by those living overseas about what the world is going on in German politics.


How come we don’t have a government yet? What is Merkel doing? And what does Jamaica have to do with Germany?

After the German federal election two months ago, Germans are still waiting for a new government to emerge. With a multitude of new parties in parliament, constantly shifting coalition possibilities and no clear majority, we try and break down what has happened.

Oh and also – as reluctant adopters of the foodie label, we also decided to end each episode with a quick wrap up of some Berlin restaurants.