AKK & Lima the dog

With the SPD discussing and debating its ongoing members’ vote, Marissa and Niklas are providing you withe a brief update on what’s going on.

The CDU is holding its party conference today and is putting together its personell for the next years. The SPD struggles with the infamous BILD Zeitung campaining against their members voting and we’ll explain what a dog has to do with all of this. Plus, a brief taking on the latest federal election polls. In short: a quick update before it means crunchtime for the potential future government.

Btw: thanks for all the feedback so far, keep it coming! We are working on fixing our sound issues, that should be better once Niklas is back in Berlin!

Listen to Zeitgeist Berlin No. 5: AKK & Lima the dog

Habemus coalition – or not?

Germany is slowly crawling towards a new government. Marissa is back in Berlin, while Niklas is still freezing in Kyiv. Together they give you a rundown of the outcome of the coalition treaty between CDU/CSU and SPD and get you up to speed as to how this might possibly, potentially and maybe soon lead to Germany having a new government almost six months after the September 2017 elections.

Karneval chaos

We also look at the chaos and the struggles of the SPD leadership and how they seem to interpret Karneval festivities. Expect frustrated SPD members and climate change analysts in the latest episode of Zeitgeist Berlin!