Schnitzel on a plate

Zeitgeist Berlin is back! After briefly being stranded in Toronto, Marissa paid Berlin a brief visit before jetting off to Sri Lanka. Luckily she brought just enough time to discuss the first weeks of the new German government, the remaining ministers who joined the team and what Heimat means to Horst Seehofer.

Why would a Schnitzel on a plate be a better picture for Heimat than the leadership team of the ministry of the interior? Who are the fresh faces of the SPD government benches? And why did it take us three weeks to record another episode? Find out in Zeitgeist Berlin No. 7!

Here we Gro(Ko) again!

The results are IN! After a five month drought, Germany finally has a government.


We discuss the results of the SPD vote and how Merkel’s cabinet is shaping up with CDU and CSU nominations already out – including some fresher and unfamiliar faces. We then do a quick dive into #dieselgate and how Germany is dealing with air pollution in cities, as well as the scandal surrounding the Essener Tafel. Finally, as we are both now back in the same city, we close the show with some ruminations on the best Thai food in Berlin.

Have a listen to Zeitgeist Berlin episode 6, Here we Gro(Ko) again!

AKK & Lima the dog

With the SPD discussing and debating its ongoing members’ vote, Marissa and Niklas are providing you withe a brief update on what’s going on.

The CDU is holding its party conference today and is putting together its personell for the next years. The SPD struggles with the infamous BILD Zeitung campaining against their members voting and we’ll explain what a dog has to do with all of this. Plus, a brief taking on the latest federal election polls. In short: a quick update before it means crunchtime for the potential future government.

Btw: thanks for all the feedback so far, keep it coming! We are working on fixing our sound issues, that should be better once Niklas is back in Berlin!

Listen to Zeitgeist Berlin No. 5: AKK & Lima the dog

Habemus coalition – or not?

Germany is slowly crawling towards a new government. Marissa is back in Berlin, while Niklas is still freezing in Kyiv. Together they give you a rundown of the outcome of the coalition treaty between CDU/CSU and SPD and get you up to speed as to how this might possibly, potentially and maybe soon lead to Germany having a new government almost six months after the September 2017 elections.

Karneval chaos

We also look at the chaos and the struggles of the SPD leadership and how they seem to interpret Karneval festivities. Expect frustrated SPD members and climate change analysts in the latest episode of Zeitgeist Berlin!

Bonn, the capital of Fiji

Zeitgeist Berlin is back! After a long Christmas break we check out what happened with Germany’s pending political situation, who is negotiating a coalition and how this (potentially) lead us to a new government. Our sound quality is awful, but our excuse is that we are currentlyin Melbourne and Kyiv respectively. Our timing is also awful, as we took ages actually editing the episode before uploading it. Of course, time has caught up with us and by now the coalition talks are set to send by the end of the week. Still, we hope this helps to grasp what the hell is going on. As alway, let us know what you think!

Listen to the Zeigeist Berlin, ep. 3:

GroKo, KoKo or NoKo?

After the breakdown of the Jamaica coalition talks, the SPD now has to consider what role it could play – or would want to play – in a new government. Will they form another grand coalition? Will they remain as the major opposition party or is there some sort of middle road for the SPD to support a CDU/CSU minority government? We discuss the options and breakdown all the new GroKo, KoKo hashtags. Plus a quick look at Bavarian politics and the future of the CSU party. And as always, ending the episode with a look at Berlin restaurants: this week, a debate on ramen and hipster brunch spots.

Zeitgeist Berlin No. 2: GroKo, KoKo, NoKo?

Zeitgeist No 1 – What Would Merkel Do?

“What the hell is going on?”- several our friends asked us over the last weeks, when reading about Germany still not having a government, more than two months after its election. We got tired of explaining it all several times, so we came up with a podcast. And thus- Zeitgeist Berlin was born. Several dinners and drinks later we had a pretentious name, a scrappy wordpress and a first recording.

There you go. Some easy to understand updates on German politics, delivered to you in English by two friends who would talk about this sort of stuff anyway. And, if you happen to make it to Berlin, we throw in some restaurant reviews for free.

First episode covers the entire breakdown of coalition talks in Germany, some ideas on what will happen next, a food truck going rogue and vegetarian dining experiences. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Listen to Zeitgeist Berlin No 1 – What Would Merkel Do?