Habemus coalition – or not?

Germany is slowly crawling towards a new government. Marissa is back in Berlin, while Niklas is still freezing in Kyiv. Together they give you a rundown of the outcome of the coalition treaty between CDU/CSU and SPD and get you up to speed as to how this might possibly, potentially and maybe soon lead to Germany having a new government almost six months after the September 2017 elections.

Karneval chaos

We also look at the chaos and the struggles of the SPD leadership and how they seem to interpret Karneval festivities. Expect frustrated SPD members and climate change analysts in the latest episode of Zeitgeist Berlin!

Bonn, the capital of Fiji

Zeitgeist Berlin is back! After a long Christmas break we check out what happened with Germany’s pending political situation, who is negotiating a coalition and how this (potentially) lead us to a new government. Our sound quality is awful, but our excuse is that we are currentlyin Melbourne and Kyiv respectively. Our timing is also awful, as we took ages actually editing the episode before uploading it. Of course, time has caught up with us and by now the coalition talks are set to send by the end of the week. Still, we hope this helps to grasp what the hell is going on. As alway, let us know what you think!

Listen to the Zeigeist Berlin, ep. 3:

Welcome to Zeitgeist Berlin

As low key policy wonks, Niklas and I often get asked by those living overseas about what the world is going on in German politics.


How come we don’t have a government yet? What is Merkel doing? And what does Jamaica have to do with Germany?

After the German federal election two months ago, Germans are still waiting for a new government to emerge. With a multitude of new parties in parliament, constantly shifting coalition possibilities and no clear majority, we try and break down what has happened.

Oh and also – as reluctant adopters of the foodie label, we also decided to end each episode with a quick wrap up of some Berlin restaurants.